infinite race was founded by rony tako in 1997
as an online art gallery to support emerging talents
when few artists and writers had any online presence.

over the next four years, the site received
countless submissions and recognition
and grew to house the collections
of over 30 artists and 15 writers.

in 2001, rony closed the site to pursue
a full-time career as a creative director
and part-time artist by the name of okat.

The concept of Infinite Race?

If not the musty-sweet scent of confined air in the Sistine Chapel, then at least the grace of Adam's outstretched arm.

If not the excitement of contorting your body in order to get a glimpse, and the triumph of marking off one more item on life's "to do" list, then at least the anomaly and wonderful ambiguity of Mona Lisa's smirk.

If not the awe-inspiring realization that one camera-click will not suffice, then at least the sable hues and hugeness of the night watch man.

And, if not the thrill of the electric, jazzy energy of New York's streets, then at least the urgent color and message of it's graffiti.

The concept of Infinite Race?

By no means to replace the experience but to introduce society to all - of equal worth - that is not housed in a pyramid of glass. To satisfy man's hunger for meaning even when summer and it's promise of travel are yet a long way off.

Infinite Race, then, offers a home - an aesthetic exhibition - to all those artworks and writings (which have not yet smelled an inked page), a place to be discussed, adored, and criticized. Art that is not seen does not exist.

Therefore, the concept of Infinite Race?

To grant the greatest gift possible to unknown artworks and writings - Existence.